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Photo of Steven W. Stavrou

Steven W. Stavrou

Leaders Europe 2022


Co-founder and Director, CyprusInno





Steven William Stavrou is the co-founder and director at CyprusInno, an inter-communal social venture working towards building an island-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem on the divided island of Cyprus via a hybrid platform of digital tools, live events, and a physical space —all while utilizing a novel method of entrepreneurship as a mechanism for peacebuilding. In this role, Steven operates the organization's innovation center, The Base, a military container that has been transformed into a peaceful, engaging, and thought-provoking space to increase dialogue and cooperation between separated communities. It is the world's first innovation space located in a demilitarized zone. Over the past three years, CyprusInno has grown to over 3,000 members and organized 30 events with expert speakers and trainers. Steven is passionate about using different technologies and innovative methodologies to solve large, complex, global challenges.