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Photo of Veronica Almedom

Veronica Almedom

Leaders Europe 2022


Founder, Information Forum for Eritrea





Veronica Almedom is the founder of the Information Forum for Eritrea (IFE). This Geneva-based organization aims to humanize the tragedies and human rights violations that Eritrean refugees are subject to in Africa, Europe, and the Mediterranean. In 2016, Veronica was appointed as one of the youngest members to serve on the Swiss Federal Commission of Migration. Now in her second term, she continues to advise the Swiss government on migration policy and to represent the Eritrean community's interests. She coordinated a historic demonstration in Geneva in 2016 that drew over 16,000 individuals from all around the world to support the UN Commission of Inquiry on Human Rights in Eritrea. Veronica is passionate about the process, design, and delivery of effective public policies.