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Photo of Tudor Bradatan

Tudor Bradatan

Leaders Europe 2022


Executive Director, Declic





Tudor Iulian Bradatan is the executive director of Declic, Romania’s leading digital non-partisan campaigning organization. He collaborates with sociologists, copywriters, and campaigners to develop narratives that raise voter participation and inspire young people to vote. In 2019, voter turnout in Romanian elections for the European Parliament climbed by 19 percent due to his efforts, and 1.8 million young people voted in local elections. Tudor also serves on the Executive Council of OPEN, a network of progressive digital campaigning organizations. Previously, Tudor was a member of the coordinating team for the 2002 Save Rosia Montana movement(SRM), which sought to prevent opening a hazardous open-pit cyanide gold mine. His work is rooted in the belief that power in a democracy must always be accountable to the people.