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Photo of Natia Navrouzov

Natia Navrouzov

Leaders Europe 2022


Legal Advocacy Director, Yazda





Natia Navrouzov leads the legal advocacy efforts of Yazda, an organization founded in 2014 to support victims of the Yazidi genocide. Since its inception, Yazda has provided Yazidi survivors of ISIS with humanitarian, accountability, and advocacy services in their post-genocide recovery. Natia is the organization’s first legal advocacy director, and she ensures that evidence is gathered in a survivor-centered way. Under Natia’s direction, survivors’ testimonies and crime sites have been documented for submission to to national and international justice mechanisms, including the International Criminal Court (ICC), and have led to the first genocide conviction of an ISIS member for crimes against Yazidi victims. She believes that survivors must be informed and empowered to make their own decisions about how to seek justice and has supported the establishment of the The Yazidi Survivors Network (YSN).