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Photo of Josefina Skerk

Josefina Skerk

Leaders Europe 2022


Member of Parliament, Sámi Parliament in Sweden





Josefina Skerk is a member of Sweden's Sámi Parliament. She is also the general manager of Sijti Jarnge, a Sámi language and culture center. Her work focuses on human and Indigenous rights, and she works to restore the South Sámi language, pass on traditional knowledge, and establish respect and equitable conditions for the Sámi People. As a current member and former vice president of the Sámi Parliament, she has focused her efforts on Sweden’s duty to consult the Sami indigineous community, and helped to establish a Truth Commission examining Sweden's treatment of the Sámi. Josefina believes that politics is an effective pathway to right the wrongs in today’s society.