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Photo of Iva Marković

Iva Marković

Leaders Europe 2022


Co-Founder, The Right to Water Initiative





Iva Marković is a co-founder of The Right to Water Initiative and the program director at Polekol, a nonprofit organization dedicated to political ecology. In her work, Iva focuses on water as a common good and develops alternative policies for the sustainable governance of natural wealth. She is particularly interested in the commons, natural resources management, the social impact of climate change, degrowth, just energy transition, and ecofeminism. An active voice in the environmental movement in Serbia, Iva has founded three different alliances and networks: Women for Nature and Environment (100 women), Environmental Uprising (60+ organizations and 20,000 protestors), and Defenders of the Balkan Rivers (22 regional movements). She also facilitated the first transparent and participative process of collaborative writing of demands for the largest environmental protest in the history of Serbia.