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Photo of Brando Benifei

Brando Benifei

Leaders Europe 2022


Member, European Parliament, Group of the Progressive Alliance of Socialists and Democrats





Brando Benifei is a member of the Italian Democratic Party and leader of the party’s delegation in the European Parliament. He is currently in his second five-year term. Brando focuses on a variety of issues in his role, including youth policies related to jobs, welfare, and education; disabled people's rights; human rights in the Mediterranean and the Middle East; democratic empowerment of Europe's marginalized communities; federal reform of the European Union; labor rights of online platform workers; combating child poverty; and AI regulation. While in office, he has led efforts to ban unpaid internships in most European institutions and negotiated and obtained the creation of a new Child Guarantee program, financed with EU money to fight child poverty and social exclusion. He is deeply committed to decreasing inequality, expanding freedom, and establishing a truly united and democratic European Federation.