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Photo of Lois Hong

Lois Hong

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Clinical Director, Maluk Timor





Lois Hong is the clinical director of Maluk Timor, where she focuses on delivering quality health care training by and for the Timorese. Lois develops and implements training programs that strengthen the national health care system. She teaches and mentors others to nurture competent, committed Timorese health care professionals who earn the trust of their local communities. Lois is proud of her work during the COVID-19 pandemic, a time that took a physical, social, and mental toll on her organization’s staff alongside reduced international support. Widespread flash flooding in Dili in 2021 compounded the impacts of the pandemic and displaced thousands of people. Through these setbacks, she provided leadership and technical guidance to her team of over 90 who went on to deliver quality health care training across more than five districts. Lois is a qualified family physician, trained in Singapore. She is particularly interested in narrative medicine as a way to foster empathy and develop respect for patients’ lived experiences.