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Photo of Aiko Shimizu

Aiko Shimizu

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Head of Japan Public Policy, Government and Philanthropy, Twitter Japan





Aiko Shimizu is the Head of Japan Public Policy, Government and Philanthropy for Twitter. In this position, she is responsible for strengthening safety and promoting healthy public conversations on the Twitter platform. She recently spearheaded an initiative to promote the inclusion of Japan’s Indigenous communities in conversations and cultural celebrations on Twitter. Previously, she was the New York General Manager at Share Now (formerly car2go), a car share joint venture between BMW and Daimler AG. Aiko also led International External Affairs at Daimler, where she was responsible for developing the global strategy for the world’s first all-electric truck. Aiko has dedicated her career to building technology and innovation policies and regulatory frameworks in the fields of climate, renewable energy, transportation, and social media. She is interested in striking a balance between regulation and innovation in order to maximize the beneficial effects of technology on society while ensuring safety. Aiko’s mission is to make the world a more positive and inclusive place.