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Photo of Tsolmontuya Altankhundaga

Tsolmontuya Altankhundaga

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Deputy Program Manager, Asia Foundation Mongolia





Tsolmontuya Altankhundaga is the Asia Foundation Mongolia's deputy program manager for the Women's Economic Empowerment program. In this role, she establishes development models to holistically address issues surrounding women's empowerment by building relationships with development partners, local grassroots and civil society, and Mongolia's government. Tsolmontuya was invited to represent Mongolia at the United Nations Women Peace and Security Agenda summit in 2019. She was also given the Gender Innovation Award for her concept of empowering marginalized women entrepreneurs through feminist mentorship. She is currently contributing to Mongolia's National Gender Action Plan, building new models for a Women's Business Center for over 6,000 female entrepreneurs, and assisting civil society organizations in developing holistic and long-term strategies to address gender-based violence.