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Photo of Zaneta Furioa Kafa

Zaneta Furioa Kafa

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Senior Legal Officer, Solomon Islands Law Reform Commission


Solomon Islands



Zaneta Furioa Kafa is a senior legal officer at the Solomon Islands Law Reform Commission. Her core area of focus is the engagement of rural people and communities in the legal system. Through community consultations and sharing information, she works to educate the people of the Solomon Islands about their rights and empower them to have a sense of connection to and ownership of their laws. Zaneta is particularly proud of a legal consultation and awareness program she conducted with the Sikaiana community living on the island of Guadalcanal, a minority group often not included in the Commission’s community consultations. Her consultation was the first of its kind within the community. Zaneta is committed to bridging the gap between people and their laws and ensuring that all Solomon Islanders have equal access to knowledge about the laws of their country.