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Photo of Luisa Tuilau

Luisa Tuilau

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Co-Founder, Youngsolwara Pacific





Luisa Tuilau is the co-founder of Youngsolwara Pacific, a regional movement made up of young Pacific activists who take action on issues affecting the people and islands of Oceania, including Indigenous self-determination and the legacy of nuclear testing. In addition to being a poet who brings her work to life through her art, Luisa is also the monitoring, evaluation, and research coordinator for femLINKpacific, Fiji's only feminist community media platform. Through radio, publications, policy, partnerships, and digital platforms, the group elevates the voices of over 600 different rural women leaders and girls. Luisa’s vision is for young people to become more aware of the Pacific's forgotten stories and to share stories of their ancestors’ resilience.