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Photo of Catherine Harry

Catherine Harry

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Founder, A Dose of Cath





Catherine Harry is the founder of A Dose of Cath, a video blog focused on feminism and sex education. Her video blog covers various issues, including gender-based violence, contraception, and cultural critiques through a feminist lens. Catherine has published almost 200 videos on Facebook since 2017, averaging 50,000 views per video with some surpassing one million views. Her Facebook videos alone have reached 10.4 million people in a country where 12.4 million people use Facebook, and she has 177,000 TikTok followers. In addition to her video blog, Catherine works as a communications specialist at MSI Cambodia, an organization that delivers compassionate, high-quality sexual and reproductive health care in 37 countries worldwide. She is committed to using her voice to advance the nascent but growing feminist movement in Cambodia.