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Photo of Gerson Abesamis

Gerson Abesamis

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Executive Director, Habi Education Lab





Gerson Abesamis is the executive director at Habi Education Lab, a nonprofit design studio that collaborates with organizations and schools to build well-designed learning experiences and environments using inclusive, participatory, and human-centered approaches to design learning. Gerson provides design direction, curates special projects, facilitates public workshops, and supports the team of designers. In the last three years, the organization has executed 92 programs that have reached 70,000 educators. Gerson, a self-described “design nerd,” is particularly interested in design ethics and how designers might evaluate products, technologies, and services for usability and technological qualities as well as potential harm to people and the environment. Within his own organization, he aims to build and advocate for non-conventional organizational structures that promote more democratic practices.