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Photo of Ir. Kuhan Pathy

Ir. Kuhan Pathy

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Co-Founder, Masala Wheels





Ir. Kuhan Pathy is the co-founder of Masala Wheels, a social enterprise founded to empower marginalized communities through long-term economic empowerment and digital transformation. Masala Wheels began as a food truck and later evolved into a multi-revenue social enterprise, transforming the lives of marginalized groups, such as young people formerly involved in gangsterism and substance abuse, through food and beverage entrepreneurship. Kuhan also co-founded the Malaysian Chamber of Social Entrepreneur Development, an advocacy group that encourages public and private institutions to embrace social entrepreneurship models to meet the Sustainable Development Goals. Building off his own experience as a social entrepreneur, Kuhan has helped corporations create in-house social innovation incubators and is working closely with the Malaysian government and other organizations to build a more enabling social entrepreneurship ecosystem.