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Photo of Hyekyeong Kim

Hyekyeong Kim

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Asia Manager, Global Strategic Communications Council


Republic of Korea



Hyekyeong Kim is the Asia manager at Global Strategic Communications Council, a collaborative project hosted by the European Climate Foundation. In this role, she provides project management and strategic communication guidance on climate and energy for national bureaus and local initiatives, including Kpop4planet, a young cultural climate organization. Hyekyeong's career began in journalism, and while reporting on the 2011 Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan, she saw firsthand the need for safe, clean energy and a transition away from fossil fuels. Witnessing the unjust decisions that excluded local communities led Hyekyeong to focus her work on addressing the climate crisis. She recently organized a peer group of reporters and writers interested in learning more about climate-related reporting, which resulted in Korea's first novel conceptualizing the climate crisis. Hyekyeong is the Seoul Correspondent for Reporters Without Borders and continues to mentor emerging journalists.