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Photo of Dorjjantsan (jack) Ganbaatar

Dorjjantsan (Jack) Ganbaatar

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2022


Health Program Coordinator, The LGBT Center Mongolia





Dorjjantsan (Jack) Ganbaatar is the health program manager at the LGBT Center, Mongolia's first and only LGBTQ+ rights organization. Jack creates and administers projects to close gaps in LGBTQ+ health rights through research and analysis, revising and establishing inclusive curricula for medical education institutions, and implementing initiatives in the health care industry. Jack has trained academics and practitioners on LGBTQ+ rights and health issues, including the medical staff of the National Mental Health Institute, the Psychology and Social Work Departments of the Mongolian National University of Medical Sciences, and the National University of Mongolia. Having contributed to significant strides in national non-discrimination law and policy, they are an activist who believes that everyone should enjoy their human rights free from fear and discrimination.