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A black man with short cut hair and a full mustache and beard is facing the camera with a straight expression. He is wearing a patterned, collared shirt and a necklace. The photo is black and white and the background features two circles, one which is green and the other dark blue.

Makmid Kamara

Leaders Africa 2023


Director, Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund


Sierra Leone



Makmid Kamara is the director of the Africa Transitional Justice Legacy Fund, a grant-making organization based in Ghana that focuses on African transitional and reparative justice. In this role, he supports survivor-led and community-based organizations in conflict and post-conflict countries to advance truth, justice, and accountability. In August 2022, Makmid hosted a global summit on reparations and racial healing for historical crimes. He is deeply committed to social change and believes there is an urgent need to reunite Africa with its diaspora populations to progress reparations demands and facilitate racial healing.