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A Brown woman is facing the camera smiling with her teeth showing. She is wearing a patterned scarf that covers her hair and chest and a plain long sleeved blouse. The photo is black and white with a background that features two circles, one orange the other pink.

Norhan Bader

Leaders Africa 2023


Project Manager, Center for Development Services and Co-Founder Women in Global Health Egypt Chapter Co-Founder Women in Global Health, Egypt Chapter





Norhan Bader is the project manager at the Center for Development Services (CDS), an entrepreneurial business that works to find practical and creative solutions for development-related issues, to bring about a better future. At CDS, Norhan leads ‘Love Matters Arabic,’ a digital project promoting sexual health, rights, and healthy relationships that reaches 60 million young Egyptians. Norhan also co-founded the Egypt Chapter for Women in Global Health, the first chapter in the MENA region, which has now grown to have a leadership team of 12 and ongoing funding to support women’s leadership in global health. A medical doctor by training, Norhan decided to leave her clinical work and join civil society work to grow her influence in sexual health and rights through advocacy and training.