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A Black man with buzz cut hair, mustache and beard is facing the camera with a straight expression. He is wearing a plain shirt with a dark vest. The photo is black and white with a background that features two circles, one green and the other dark blue.

Ángel Custodio Loeri Saka

Leaders Africa 2023


Assistant for People with Visual Disabilities, National Organization for the Blind


Equatorial Guinea



Ángel Custodio Loeri Saka is the assistant for people with visual disabilities at the National Organization for the Blind in Equatorial Guinea, which advocates for and supports the social integration of those with visual disabilities. In his role, Ángel provides training for people with visual disabilities and supports their families in understanding treatment options. Ángel’s work and influence spans the African continent as vice chairperson of the African Committee for Visually Impaired Youth in the African Union of the Blind. Ángel is motivated to assist people with vision disabilities and their families because of the challenges he endured as a visually impaired person. He sees himself as an agent of change for people with disabilities and believes it is essential to be able to put oneself in the shoes of others to empathize with their experiences.