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A Black man with buzz cut hair is facing the camera smiling with his teeth showing. He is wearing a checkered, collared shirt and a dark sweatshirt. The photo is black and white and the background features two circles, one which is blue and the other green.

Bolaji Kareem

Leaders Africa 2023


Founder and Project Leader, Comrade Nigeria





Bolaji Kareem is the founder and project leader of Comrade Nigeria, a civic engagement group that mobilizes nonpartisan teams of Nigerian youth to promote civic education and increase citizen participation in their local communities. In this role, Bolaji manages the operations team of 50 youth volunteers and engages with 500+ community members across Nigeria. In preparation for the 2023 general elections, Bolaji launched a web application to assist Comrade Nigeria’s youth volunteers in educating voters in their local communities. Previously, Bolaji organized a group of over 300 youth service corps members to advocate for women’s equal access to leadership opportunities in public service roles in Lagos. He believes in the ability of everyday people to work together to build the future they want.