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A Black man with buzz cut hair, mustache and beard is facing the camera smiling with his mouth closed. He is wearing a light striped shirt with a dark zippered jacket. The photo is black and white with a background that features two circles, one light blue and the other dark blue.

Marcel Cirhuza

Leaders Africa 2023


Founder and Executive Director, Fountain of Hope


Democratic Republic of Congo



Marcel Cirhuza is the founder and executive director of Fountain of Hope, which works to alleviate poverty in Malawi’s refugee community through agriculture, health and sanitation, sustainability, education, literacy, gender equality, and financial initiatives. Under his direction, the Foundation of Hope educates preschool-aged children, provides startup funding to women in business and entrepreneurship, and supplies water to hundreds of refugee households. The organization’s food security initiative also assists farmers by providing them with agribusiness, nutrition, and economic training. Before fleeing the Democratic Republic of Congo due to ongoing conflict, Marcel led community-based initiatives in the country that focused on livelihood support for women and children. Marcel credits the resilience he built during his time in Malawi’s Dzaleka refugee camp as the driving force behind his leadership today.