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A Black man with buzzcut hair is facing the camera with a straight expression. He is wearing a buttoned up shirt with a striped tie and has a slight mustache and beard. The photo is black and white with a background that features two circles, one pale green the other blue.

Daniel Muhwezi

Leaders Africa 2023


Founder and Executive Director, Ubuntu Trust


Democratic Republic of Congo



Daniel Muhwezi is the founder and executive director of Ubuntu Trust, a non-profit organization that helps Ugandan refugee farmers break the cycle of poverty through skills development and access to affordable financial services to practice farming and scale farming businesses. Daniel grew Ubuntu Trust’s microfinance membership from 16 to 1,200 in only four years and has provided financial assistance to over 20,000 community members. Daniel has also delivered food safety and quality training to over 200 smallholder farmers in partnership with the World Food Program. Daniel arrived in Uganda as a refugee at age 15 due to turmoil in his home country, the Democratic Republic of the Congo. He dreams of designing solutions that measurably impact 500,000 refugee youth and farmers to lift themselves out of poverty across Uganda.