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A Black man with short cut hair is turned towards the camera smiling with his teeth showing. He is wearing dark framed glasses, a dark colored turtleneck with a dark Blazer and patterned pocket square. The photo is black and white and the background features two circles, one which is light green and the other blue.

Bruce Matewere

Leaders Africa 2023


Executive Director and Project Lead, Paradiso TB Patients Trust





Bruce Matewere is the executive director and project lead at Paradiso TB Patients Trust, a non-profit organization that supports and advocates for people living with tuberculosis, HIV, and AIDS. Bruce leads a project team of over 1,000 volunteers that deliver health programs in 48 health institutions across Malawi and lobby for post-TB therapies to affected people in the community. To date, the team has provided health-related information to over 400,000 people. Growing up in a large family, Bruce learned early on that no one can bring about, much less sustain, meaningful change on their own. This lesson inspires Bruce to build strong teams to help bring change in the areas in which he works.