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A Black woman with dark framed glasses is smiling with her teeth showing, facing forward. She is wearing a light colored textured jacket with dark accents on the collar and pockets and has a long ponytail tossed over her right shoulder. The photo is black and white with a background that features two circles, one pale green the other blue.

Beverly Ndifoin Niyang

Leaders Africa 2023


Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Game Changers





Beverly Ndifoin Niyang is the co-founder and chief operating officer at Game Changers, a youth-led association that trains small- and medium-sized enterprises to adopt low-carbon operating models, helping to realize private sector climate change commitments. Beverly has provided capacity-building workshops for over 300 entrepreneurs and mobilized volunteers to retrieve and recycle 10,000 kilograms of plastic waste that would have otherwise remained in landfills. Beverly’s passion for saving the environment stemmed from her environmental reporting experiences as a journalist, drawing her closer to the science behind climate change.