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A black-and-white headshot photo of a woman looking to the left. She has long, dark hair and wears a white sweater. Three graphic circles are behind her: one dark blue, one medium blue and one white.

Ingeborg Mehus

Leaders Europe 2023


Founder and Director, Pocket Stories





Ingeborg Mehus is the founder and director of Pocket Stories, a non-profit foundation that connects people with unheard voices to embrace and celebrate diversity. The organization utilizes storytelling workshops, events, and media productions to meet its mission. Ingeborg also runs her own consulting firm, specializing in program design, facilitation, and communications for similar projects. Ingeborg oversaw the creation of Roots Guide, an unconventional travel guidebook that encourages readers to engage with diverse people and places in the Netherlands through stories. Over 300 copies of Roots Guide have been sold since its release. Encouraging individuals to discover and develop their superpowers is at the heart of Ingeborg’s work, and her storytelling work has supported hundreds of social innovators and young people to become changemakers in their communities.