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A black-and-white headshot of a man with shaggy medium-dark hair and goatee. He wears a patterned shirt under a dark suit jacket, with a button on the lapel. Behind him are three graphic circles: one blue, one yellow, one white

Oleksandr Sanchenko

Leaders Europe 2023


Member of Parliament, Verkhovna Rada





Oleksandr Sanchenko is a member of the Ukrainian parliament who also founded and now leads the youth wing of Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s Servant of the People party, which he expanded to 5,000 members. During his time in office, Oleksandr has pushed for the creation of youth advisory boards at all levels of governance, the building of youth centers, and giving grants to fund projects and offer youth organizations institutional support. During the 2004–2005 Orange Revolution, Oleksandr worked to engage university students in advocacy initiatives, which spurred him to continue making a difference through youth organizing. He believes that every person, regardless of age, should have the right to be heard.