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A black-and-white headshot of a man with short hair, buzz-cut on the sides, and a short beard. He wears a light-colored shirt and dark suit jacket. Three graphic circles are behind him, one dark blue, one medium blue and one white.

Petr Torak

Leaders Europe 2023


Chief Executive Officer, Compas Charity


Czech Republic



Petr Torak is the chief executive officer of Compas Charity, which provides advice, support, and information to members of migrant communities in need and works with service providers, public bodies, institutions, and organizations to help those entities better adapt their services, policies, and activities to the needs of migrant communities. Previously, he worked as a police officer, investigating modern-day slavery crimes. A Roma migrant, Petr moved from the Czech Republic to the United Kingdom in 1999. His own migratory experience inspired him to help other Roma migrants settle into their new homes and foster community cohesiveness. He has since worked as a mentor and champion for Indigenous and Roma migrants worldwide. Petr is based in England.