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A black-and-white headshot of a light-skinned man with wavy hair on top of his head and shaved sides. He wears a dark t-shirt and smiles at the camera. Behind him are three graphic circles: one dark blue, one teal and one white.

Florian Pachaly

Leaders Europe 2023


Founder and Managing Director, RECUP





Florian is the founder and managing director of RECUP, a company that eliminates single-use packaging in the takeout industry by offering reusable cups and bowls to caterers and coffee shops via a consumer deposit system. The RECUP system now covers over 20,000 coffee shops and restaurants throughout Germany. His goal is to maximize the impact of this initiative by campaigning for mandates requiring reusable packaging. Florian strongly believes in steward-ownership and coaches other business owners on converting their business structures to steward-ownership models.