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A black-and-white headshot of a medium-skin toned woman with slicked back hair and tightly curled ponytail. She is wearing a button-up shirt with circles and stud earrings. Behind her are three graphic circles: one teal, one light green and one white.

Binette Seck

Leaders Europe 2023


Co-Founder, ChangersTech powered by ChangersHub





Binette Seck is the Co-Founder of ChangersTech powered by ChangersHub, an academy that works to provide technical education to young adults between the ages of 14-40 from under-resourced communities. She is also a partner at iCog Anyone Can Code, an Ethiopian-based EdTech company that has taught nearly 30,000 individuals programming. She is particularly proud of her work launching the Space Academy, a learning hub for youth that provides programming and game development boot camps for young people at Space Stockholm. Binette’s goal is to design a society for everybody through inclusivity, gender equality, and sustainability-driven activities.