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Elpida Kokkota, a woman with a light skin tone, smiles at the camera. Her portrait in grayscale. She has long black hair and is wearing a yellow jacket, white shirt, and coral lipstick. The background is a blue and yellow half circle.

Anastasia Kokkota

Leaders Europe 2023


Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Mexoxo





Anastasia (Elpida) Kokkota is the founder and chief executive officer of Mexoxo, a non-profit that promotes women’s economic empowerment. Originally launched in Tijuana, Mexico in 2013, Mexoxo has since grown to serve women worldwide. Anastasia specializes in building social impact plans for corporations, as well as small and medium businesses, and achieving measurable growth through strategies that support the socio-economic growth of communities as a whole. She has developed a circle of influence with more than 250 global stakeholders from corporations, academia, government, and local NGOs. Through her work at Mexoxo, she has directly served more than 27,300 women and reached more than 109,200 women. The organization is the result of Elpida’s life mission, which is dedicated to supporting all women seeking equality. She intends to reach 5 million women by 2030.