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A light skin toned man with short dark hair is facing the camera smiling with his teeth showing. He is wearing a dark Blazer and a light colored t-shirt. The photo is black and white and the background features two circles, one which is light green and the other dark pink.

Saejong Lee

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2023


Manager, Future Initiative Center, Kakao Corporation


Republic of Korea



Saejong Lee is the founder of Fireside, a community of over 100 company founders and aspiring entrepreneurs dedicated to spreading a “pay-it-forward” culture, and supporting underserved communities, particularly naturalized immigrants, in Korea. Saejong also operates an education platform where university graduates, young professionals, and budding start-up founders learn strategic problem-solving and management skills to accelerate their respective careers and businesses. As a university student, Saejong founded the Korean Peninsula Policy Consensus to encourage dialogue among Korean youth on politically sensitive matters concerning North-South Korean relations, as well as to work on political agendas with the Ministry of Unification. Currently, Saejong is also a manager at the Future Initiative Center within the office of the CEO at Kakao Corp.