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A medium skin toned woman with straight, black shoulder-length hair is facing the camera smiling with her teeth showing. She is wearing a light colored blouse and small hoop earrings. The photo is black and white and the background features two circles, one which is purple and the other dark pink.

Eugenie Nicole Huibonhoa

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2023


Political writer, Senate of the Philippines





Eugenie Nicole Huibonhoa is a political writer in the Philippine Senate. In Eugenie’s role, she does speechwriting, policy communications, and research. The scope of her work covers health, education, labor, good governance, and human rights. She meets with youth constituents across the country to discuss the most pressing issues affecting them. She also helped organize and manage campaigns for the passage of landmark laws like the Mental Health Law, the Expanded Maternity Leave Law, and the Safe Spaces Act against sexual harassment in public spaces. Eugenie is passionate about achieving genuine social justice that is felt in the everyday lives of Filipinos. She is equally passionate about holding public officials accountable for the power that they hold.