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A White woman with ear-length dark hair is facing the camera smiling with her teeth showing. She is wearing a patterned blouse and a dark jacket. The photo is black and white and the background features two circles, one which is light green and the other dark pink.

Naomi Manu

Leaders Asia-Pacific 2023


Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Pūhoro Charitable Trust


Aotearoa, New Zealand



Naomi Manu is the founder and chief executive officer of Pūhoro Charitable Trust. Pūhoro Charitable Trust is a science, tech, engineering, and math (STEM) academy working to develop a community of future Māori technologists, engineers, entrepreneurs, scientists, innovators, and thought pioneers. The academy is the largest Māori STEM program in Aotearoa and has received national and international recognition. Since its inception, the program has grown to have over 1,500 young Māori participants and is forecasted to have 5,000 young Māori pursuing STEM pathways before 2027. Naomi is motivated to improve youth outcomes and is committed to designing a scalable program that ensures intergenerational benefit for young Māori and their families.