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Photo of Fatime Souckar Terab

Fatime Souckar Terab

Leaders Africa 2022


President and Co-Founder, African Youth in Agribusiness Organization





Fatime Souckar Terab is the president and co-founder of the African Youth in Agribusiness Organization in Chad (AYA-CHAD), which specializes in training young people and small producers in agriculture, soil preservation, and regeneration. She has trained over 900 young people in agricultural entrepreneurship and trade as a part of the organization’s work with the AYA Bootcamp program. In addition to her work at AYA-CHAD, she is the founder of Khadar Market and Farms, an agricultural shop-brand dedicated to offering safe, healthy, and organic products to the Chadian people. Fatime Souckar believes that agriculture is one way that Africa can effectively address mass unemployment and the risks of famine, while also serving as a pillar for sustainable development and emergence.