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Yachaou Mamane

Leaders Africa 2018





Yachaou is currently working with NGO-Recup, an organization he founded that inspires creativity in youth, preventing conflicts, building peace, and security through youth participation in intercultural and interreligious dialogues. Yachaou has founded many initiatives and projects in his native Niger - ranging from hate speech prevention‚ caravans for promoting forgiveness, tolerance, and jokes between ethnic groups in Niger. He also created projects that seek to end sexual abuse of young beggar girls and aim to improve the access of girls to a quality education and promote entrepreneurship. The human rights practitioner is a member of a variety of organizations - including iDove, an African-European network for Violent Extremism Preventers, Global Banyan, for young human rights leaders, the African Network of Youth Policy Experts (AFRINYPE). Yachaou, who graduated from CAU in Beijing with a master's in agricultural economics, speaks Hausa, French, English, Arabic, and Chinese.