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Awah Mbuli

Leaders Africa 2018





Francisca is a survivor of human trafficking and modern slavery. She is the founder and director of Survivors Network, a Cameroonian NGO comprised of trafficking survivors. It raises awareness, helps victims escape their trafficking situations, and offers temporary housing, vocational training, and other essential services that survivors need for successful reintegration. As a survivor of domestic servitude, Awah uses her experience to educate and prevent others in Cameroon from experiencing human trafficking. Since 2015, Awah and her organization have helped 28 women from West and Central Africa free themselves from their situations of forced labor, including debt bondage, in the Middle East. Under her leadership, she has helped free over 500 survivors. Survivors Network has built a unique approach to survivor empowerment by focusing on economic independence and fostering entrepreneurship among women and girls. She has also created economic opportunities.