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Seblewengel Tekalign

Leaders Africa 2018





Seblewengel is GDI and gender mainstreaming adviser for Mercy Corps Ethiopia. Before joined Mercy Corps, she was working with CARE Ethiopia as a Gender and Youth Adviser in CARE Ethiopia, where she focuses on activities on gender equality, gender-based violence (GBV) and youth empowerment. Seblewengel is also experienced humanitarian workers in the expertise area of GBV and protection where she has a proven experience in emergency contexts. She has over 12 years of experience in different fields such as education, humanitarian, and development. Seblewengel is very familiar with strategy design, planning, monitoring, networking, learning, development, and implementation of evidence-based realistic and effective gender and women empowerment strategies, and policy implementation. Seblewengel has multidisciplinary education backgrounds; she holds her MA in social work and two BAs in sociology and social anthropology as well as in Education. Seblewengel is driven by her commitment to social justice. She has a dream to see a community in which both male and female are equally benefited and respected.