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Samuel Sarr

Leaders Africa 2018





Samuel is a social entrepreneur and Pan-Africanist from The Gambia, who has a passion for environmental conservation and renewable energy. In 2013 he founded Kailend, a dynamic, forward thinking social enterprise engaging primarily in organic agriculture production with a zero waste model at their West Africa regional base in Agou, Togo. Through revenue generated from fundraising and producing a variety of high-quality fruits, vegetables, and cereals, his team is able to provide scholarships for children and vocational training opportunities for low income earning women in Togo, Ghana, and The Gambia. In his capacity as executive director of Kailend, he strives to encourage and grow other young leaders, who can work with his team and contribute to ending extreme poverty, inequality, and climate change and help bring about sustainable social, financial, and environmental development in impoverished communities in our home countries and beyond.