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Richard Magerenge

Leaders Africa 2018





Richard is the executive director of the Organic Health Response-Ekialo Kiona Center, specializing in development. OHR is a community-rooted intervention organization that adapts, integrates, and diversifies until it finds the right niche. OHR-EK Center seeks to function organically, allowing freedom to create opportunities that lead to innovative solutions to complicated problems. They often utilize agricultural analogies to describe our vision: seeding healthy possibilities through community-rooted partnerships. These analogies are more than earthy metaphors, they are guiding principles. Through 5-years of collaboration and hard work, we have learned that a small ecosystem of diverse partners, each contributing uniquely and in a continual cycle, has the capacity to feed many mouths, respond to diseases and disasters, and replenish resources season after season. This type of community health is precisely what we at OHR-EK Center are seeking to cultivate on Mfangano Island in Lake Victoria, Kenya.