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Peter Okeugo

Leaders Africa 2018





Peter is a Nigerian journalist. He recently started AVoice4Us, a civic media project which increases the media reporting on human rights and social justice in Africa. His investigative reporting cuts across but is not limited to child rights, women's rights, refugee rights and LGBT rights. His most notable work was investigating, reporting, and securing the release of underage Christian girls, who were abducted by the Bauchi Shari'ah Commission in Northern Nigeria, held against their will for several months, forcefully converted to Islam, and arranged in marriage to older men. A poet and songwriter, Peter just rounded off a one-year fellowship with the Carrington Youth Fellowship of the US Consulate in Lagos where he, (together with his team), designed and implemented a sustainable education project in an underserved community in Lagos, Nigeria. He is a former delegate to the UN Youth Assembly in New York and the UNESCO/MAB Youth Forum in Italy.