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Patu Ndango Fen

Leaders Africa 2018





Patu is a social entrepreneur who is passionate about environmental issues with a bachelor's in environmental science and is pending a master's degree in environmental management and sustainable development. She founded a social enterprise in 2016, which deals with the collection of organic plant and animal waste from various sources and transforming it into organic fertilizer for organic farming. She is the co-founder and vice president of a youth-led environmental association which aims to engage more youths in the fight against environmental degradation and climate change. She equally has a special focus on women’s rights and initiates, and takes part in activities and projects that seek to promote their education and economic empowerment as well as transform them into real environmental heroines. Patu owns a small carbon farm on which she practices the organic farming of lemongrass, pepper, vegetables, and maize. Her vision is to establish one of the largest organic waste valorization companies in Africa.