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Nichole Yembra

Leaders Africa 2018





Nichole is the CFO of Venture Garden Group, a fintech holding company, and partner at GreenHouse Capital, its investment arm. This has allowed her to match her passion for innovation and service-centric personality with her career. The combination impacts her community via technology aiding government accountability and transparency, programming for students and the economically disadvantaged, and investment in the small business ecosystem. Nichole is helping to build the Nigerian Social Investment Roadmap, impacting nearly 10 million citizens to date, increasing government and private sector revenue by blocking leakages through revenue assurance technology, and digitizing accredited University degree programs for thousands of qualified students. Her heart champions women in leadership and technology. She founded the Garden Women's Network whose mission is to promote the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in technology and to provide a platform for young people to impact their community.