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Melene Rossouw

Leaders Africa 2018


South Africa



Melene is a versatile and results-driven female professional with a broad skill set. Her career in the legal, governmental, and non-governmental sectors spans for more than a decade. Melene has a keen interest in community development, promoting human rights, and social justice as well as driving social empowerment initiatives in communities with a specific focus on women leading the change. In 2017, she co-founded Women Lead Movement, an organization that focuses on empowering women through human rights education to not only address their own personal social challenges, but to enable them as agents of change to empower their communities through human rights education, advocacy, and campaigning in order to promote an informed, responsible, tolerant, active, and participatory citizenry. Education in human rights is the cornerstone to effect meaningful and lasting societal change; if you know better, you do better. She values people with integrity and respect.