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Manuela Elizabeth Pacutho

Leaders Africa 2018





Manuela is a marketing professional and founder and CEO of The Cradle; Uganda's first ever 24-hour workplace infant and toddler care center. The Cradle was created to give mothers the opportunity to flourish both in the workplace and at home by creating safe and accessible lactation and childcare spaces and in turn address employer challenges of mothers absenteeism and turnover. At The Cradle, she is responsible for leading the development and execution of The Cradle’s business strategies. Prior to that, she was the head of marketing at Bank of Africa for 4 years, a Mandela Washington Fellow, a FAWE- Uganda alumni, program ambassador with the RAISE program, and a finalist in the business entrepreneurship TV show 'Inspire Africa'. Manuela envisions a Uganda where mothers can actively participate in Uganda’s political, social, and economic growth, and play an active role in the governance and democratic processes where their parenting concerns are addressed.