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Issoufa Bachir Bounou

Leaders Africa 2018





Issoufa is an agro-environmentalist engineer with a Ph.D. in soil science. Issoufa is the research and development officer at NGO CADEL, founder of Agri-Business Consulting Company, YALI 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, part-time lecturer at public and private universities of Niger, and member of several associations working on leadership and civic engagement. His work at CADEL consists of assisting farmers in the use of agricultural technologies for reducing malnutrition in the context of climate change. As an entrepreneur, he is a leader of environmental protection through household waste management and ecological crops production. In relationship with universities in Niger, he is working for more civic engagement and patriotism of students, the future leaders of their country. In the next 10 years, Issoufa hopes to reduce malnutrition in Niger by 10% and build a network of young and patriotic leaders across Africa. Join him; a better world is his conviction!