January 9, 2015

Launched a New Manufacturing Network

The Obama Administration launched Manufacturing USA, which invests in U.S. leadership in emerging manufacturing technologies critical to our future competitiveness. Each manufacturing hub is designed to build U.S. leadership and regional excellence in critical emerging manufacturing technologies by bridging the gap between early research and product development; bringing together companies, universities, and other academic and training institutions, and federal agencies to co-invest in key technology areas that can encourage investment and production in the United States; and serving as a ‘teaching factory’ for workers, small businesses, and entrepreneurs looking to develop new skills or prototype new products and processes.

President Barack Obama tours MAGNET (Manufacturing Advocacy and Growth Network) at Cleveland State University in Cleveland, Ohio, March 18, 2015. Tom Lix, the CEO and founder of Cleveland Whiskey gives an overview of the company during a workshop with employees Ethan Snyder, left, and Jim Waltz. (Courtesy Barack Obama Presidential Library)

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