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Program Alumni



Meet the changemakers from previous years’ Obama Foundation programs or the Obama White House.

In the center of the photo, Michelle Obama is wearing a gray jumpsuit with blue heels and embracing a smiling medium brown skin toned child who is wearing a black and shite checkered dress, gray and black horizontal striped tights and brown ankle boots. To the right of them, Barack Obama is turned away from the camera wearing a dark colored suit, shaking hands with a woman standing on risers. Michelle and Barack are surrounded by about 50 smiling people of various skin tones who are standing on 5 levels of risers.

44 Alumni

From his time as a senator, to his presidential campaigns, to his time at the White House, find more information about alumni happenings and meet some of the people who made President Obama’s journey possible.

The Obama Foundation’s alumni network is designed to empower leaders and connect them to one another so that they can learn from each other, share challenges and best practices, and ultimately expand their impact.