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Our mission is to inspire,
and connect people
to change their world.
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The image is a combined photo of five women. The first is Clarissa Kornell: she has long curly dark hair, a light olive complexion and is wearing a dark pink shirt with a light pink scarf. Clarissa is smiling in the picture. The second woman is Sabra Townsend: she has shoulder length locs that are curled. Sabra has a medium brown skinned complexion and is wearing a dark blue blazer with an orange shirt underneath. Sabra is smiling in the picture. The third woman is Juliet Choi: she has dark hair cut into a shoulder-length bob and she has an olive complexion. Juliet is wearing black glasses, a brown necklace, and a short sleeved blue blouse. Juliet is smiling in the picture. The fourth woman is Alefiyah Mesiwala. Alefiyah has long black hair, dark olive skin and hazel eyes. Alefiyah is wearing a dark blue scarf and a black shirt and smiling in the picture. The fifth woman is Jamie Lockhart: Jamie has long dark brown hair and pale skin. Jamie is wearing a pink blazer and a black shirt underneath. Jamie is also wearing a small diamond necklace and smiling in the picture.
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Alumni

Meet five women carrying forward the legacy of the Affordable Care Act in their communities

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Ancela Ortiz holds her young daughters hand with pastures in the background.
  • Girls Opportunity Alliance
  • Programs

This Mother's Day, send your mom or the woman who raised you a card designed by the Girls Opportunity Alliance!

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A rendering of the outside  front of Home Court  from Stony Island Avenue. It is daylight in the picture. Home Court at the Obama Presidential Center is a large silver and glass building, with large rectangular windows covering the majority of the front of the building and two large inverted silver triangles of metal cladding interrupting the glass on the side. In front of the building are green shrubs and trees planted along a pedestrian walkway. To the left of the building is a large patch of grass surrounded by a pedestrian walkway. To the right of the building are tall green trees. On the pedestrian pathways are several people walking, standing, and sitting. There is a bicycle rack on the pedestrian walkway.
  • First Look
  • Building the Center

See the plans for the 45,000-square-foot multipurpose athletic and events facility coming to the Obama Presidential Center.

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President Obama sits at a desk, pen in hand, as other politicians look on. A young boy at the front, dressed in a suit vest and tie also looks on.
  • Watch
  • Presidential History

Hear from President Obama as he reflects on this milestone moment.

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The Obama Presidential Center

A global center for change.

Get a sneak peek
An aerial view of the Obama Presidential Center.

We’re building a world-class museum and public gathering space on the South Side of Chicago, where people from across the street or around the globe can come to get inspired, find common ground, and take action.

A rendering of the Obama Presidential Center campus.

The Obama Presidential Center will feature a world-class museum, public library, and gathering spaces.

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A rendering of the Museum courtyard at the Obama Presidential Center.

Scheduled to open in 2026, the Obama Presidential Museum will tell the story of President and Mrs. Obama and their historic presidency—and how we can all do our part to create change.

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See how we're building a welcoming, vibrant campus where people from across the street or from around the globe can come to get inspired, find common ground, and take action.

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A rendering of the Obama Presidential Center campus.

Explore the Center’s environmentally sustainable designs, from buildings to gardens.

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Bethany Rivera Molinar, presents a workshop in front of eight others. Their backs are to the camera as they sit around a table. Bethany stands in front of a wall easel pad. She is wearing a Ciudad Nueva shirt and glasses.
  • Leaders
  • USA

Learn how Bethany Rivera Molinar is transforming her Texas neighborhood through community work.

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Ryan Pavel, a man with light skin tone, stands smiling in front of a sign that reads "Warrior-Scholar Project."
  • Education
  • Leaders

Meet 2023 United States Obama Leader Ryan Pavel, veteran, and CEO of Warrior-Scholar Project.

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Ziad Ahmed, a man with a medium skin tone, smiles at the camera. He has black hair and is wearing a red patterned jacket. He is sitting on an apple box. The background is brown.
  • Youth
  • Leaders

Learn how Ziad Ahmed built a successful company by listening to the next generation.

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Kori Coleman, a Black woman with a deep skin tone, stands in the middle of a four person string quartet. They are a range of medium to deep skin tones and are holding a viola, violin, and cello. All are wearing shades of brown. Credit: Seed Lynn
  • The Arts
  • Leaders

Ahead of her debut with the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, hear how one Obama Leader leverages the power of music to educate, entertain, and heal her community.

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