The Obama Center

Set in the heart of historic Jackson Park, on Chicago’s South Side, the Obama Presidential Center will tell the story of the Obama Administration, its achievements, challenges and lessons learned — as well as the millions of Americans, in and out of government, at all levels of society, who made them possible.

The Center will be the home of our Foundation — a warm, engaging, and welcoming place that will inspire people globally to “show up” for the most important office in any democracy, that of citizen. It will be based on the South Side of Chicago but have projects all over the city, the country, and the world.

The Center will also house the archives of Administration materials, both traditional documentation and multimedia content of the first truly digital president. The archives will be an educational resource for historians and scholars, but also an active experience for young people, families, local citizens, and visitors to Chicago from around the world.

But along with every historical aspect of the Center, our guests will also discover real-time opportunities to learn about and get involved with the issues of today, or simply feel the joy of community.

Through participatory and immersive experiences, the Center will tell Barack and Michelle Obama’s story, while lifting the hood on the mechanics of how change happens and inspiring visitors to spark their own social change.